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I received another strange email today. This seems to be some kind of puzzle. I wasn't able to solve it, but maybe you can. Could it be another clue to the mystery that is Richard Drucker? I think so.

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I am feeling distraught. This appeared in my inbox earlier today. It's from him. I sense it is. It has to be. Maybe I shouldn't have gone looking for him after all, but he has to understand that it's not revenge I'm after... it's justice.


Dr. Suresh has added a dream study component to in order to help us try to make sense of our dreams and examine how our subconscious states might be influenced or manipulated by others. If you have been experiencing any recurring or strange dreams you can post them here.


A new year always beings new changes. For his own safety, I've told Micah that I can no longer contact him... at least for now. I worry that the presence behind the audio file you helped me with doesn't have the best intentions at heart. He seems so strange, this man behind the curtain. Thank you all for helping me decipher the file. I would be alone without you, and no one wants to be alone.

I only hope that with your continued help, next year will be a brighter one then the year that's come before.


I managed to retrieve the audio file that interrupted my chat with Micah on the Corinthian Casino site. Download it here and let me know if you can decipher anything.


I reconnected with my friend Micah on the Corinthian Casino site. Something is definitely up.


Something doesn’t feel right; Drucker should have made contact by now. Maybe the GNI report has made him think that The Company is looking for him. View the final segment here. I hope he knows that I’m on his side.


This new video leads me to think that the mystery of Drucker goes even deeper than I first imagined. Does anyone know anything about Samkhya philosophy? I believe it has something to do with nature and consciousness, but I don't know much more. I am looking for help finding details and a link to why Drucker would be interested in Samkhya. All theories welcome.


I have located Part two of Global News Interactive’s piece on Drucker and posted it here. Young tech tycoon and Drucker historian Charlie Svenson digs into Drucker’s early interest in politics and the forward thinking that made him the man he is today. And yet why would someone so bold not return the message I sent? I don't have an answer. Something seems off to me. I ask you all to hold tight - I sense that more is still to come.


Below is the Drucker news piece I rescued off 9th Wonders before they pulled it down. I think someone may have done it for them; therefore, I am keeping a sharp eye out to make sure it remains on my blog without interference. You can watch it from yesterday's post.


I guess I’m not the only one that’s interested in Drucker and his whereabouts. Global News Interactive has an investigative report on Drucker here. The GNI exclusive helps shed light on Drucker’s beginnings by showing us a glimpse of the world that he was born into.


It seems that Dr. Suresh is updating his website more often than usual. Is he trying to help us learn more about the virus or mislead us into believing in The Company? I’m not sure who to trust anymore. I keep hoping for word from Drucker, but am only met by a silence so loud that I fear the worst.


The more I learn about the Shanti virus, the more I'm scared. However, learning about what viruses are and what they can do is important in staying safe and out of harm’s way. Click on the link to learn more:


The Shanti virus is capable of more harm than I ever imagined. Maybe that’s why The Company has been keeping it quiet for so long. Linderman’s files are loaded with secrets. Hopefully, with Drucker’s help, more will continue to surface.


Drucker has made contact. This could be the break we need to find out more about the founding fathers of "The Company." I have a hunch that Drucker may have known many of them personally. Let's hope he's willing to share more.

Here's what he sent:


Does this video look familiar? We should talk, there's more to tell. I've been watching them too...for a long time.


Looks like Drucker was monitoring Linderman's plan to blow up NYC too. Wonder why? I sent him a reply.

Let's hope he gets back to us soon. I'm anxious to see if he has more to reveal. Until then, we wait...with bated breath...


Richard Drucker is a name I have recently become familiar with, yet I've never met him. What I do know is that he was once connected to Linderman and "The Company". He could prove to be a valuable in our pursuit.

To find out more, click HERE.

To learn a bit more about him, check out his Primatech Assignment Tracker File here.

For Future reference, to enter Primatech's Assignment Tracker as Linderman:

Go to the About Us page:

Username: Linderman
Password potpie

To access Drucker's File: A012

Username: Linderman
Password: RDghx11a


Getting through to Linderman's files has given us a few glimpses into the past of the man we have been searching for, but how does everything add up? We need to put our heads together to try and complete this puzzle together.


My family is extremely important to me. Having lost both my mother and grandmother to a suicide bomber attack nearly twenty years ago, I am keen to know as much as possible about my relations. I knew I had an uncle that no one seemed to ever talk about, but I never knew why. A friend has led me on the path to some answers. Follow me.


Hey everyone, I know there are more than a few of you demolition junkies out there. Linderman's Corinthian Hotel & Casino has crumbled, just like his plans. I think we all deserve to share in the satisfaction. They may tear the building down but we see opportunity in the destruction. Some believe the internet was created as a means to communicate in a post-apocalyptic world. Urban legend? All I know is, after the physical walls came crashing down, I could still visit the website. Simple warning system or survival of the fittest? You decide. Witness the destruction here.


Still haven't figured out what or who is making the disturbance in my world but I'm sure it's Company related. So far it's benign, an ally perhaps? We need another insider in case Bennet doesn't want to be found.


The Company has a way of silencing dissent. If Bennet has been quieted it means that there's trouble brewing. I'm after the answers to big questions now. Either someone has the same ability as me, or I'm being watched. Something's amiss in my world. Linderman left resources in his wake, it'd be a shame to let them go to waste. We need a place to play our games, bet all the chips if necessary, meet me there if you get my drift.


That Kensei was the ultimate samurai. Powerful, or a man with powers? I know it's over hundreds of years ago, but do you think he had special abilities too? Perhaps this is all generational.

Here is something else I just found. Watch it. I think the two are related. It may hold a clue to the grand mystery of Evolution.

Ready to realize your own special ability? Stay on the journey by registering here.



Beth K. has sent in this translation for the third article I posted concerning the Mayan Prophecy.

Is the end of the world approaching?
Shocking Mayan prophecy foreshadows it!

by Jesús Cortés, Copán Ruins, August 25

When the Spanish conquistadors reached Central America, they found extensive writings containing the wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization. Stunned by their discovery, they decided to burn them.

For years, investigators have claimed to have found the most shocking secret of the Mayas: the world would end in December 2012.

Could this be true? Recent events near the Copán ruins indicate it could be.

Three days ago, government employees visiting the ruins came upon a macabre scene. Two watchmen were lying dead with a strange substance coming from their eyes, as if they had cried black tears. Authorities have not determined the cause of death, but World Opinion has linked the deaths with similar cases in Panama and Colombia.

A mysterious shaman tasked with preserving ancient Mayan wisdom agrees with his ancestors: "It is true ... 'black death' is a warning from the great God Quetzalcoatl that foreshadows the imminent end of the world. The Age of the Jaguar is about to end, exactly as my forebears predicted."


Doomsday headlines sound the same in all languages. But here is the English translation. Not a joke if you ask me:

Is the World Ending? - Shocking Mayan Prophecy Says It Is!

Mayan prophecy may seem far fetched at first but then again... I think a pattern has been established. Migration is a fact of life, but this is deadly. Be it a deadly disease or a deadly killer, or something more, I need your help in figuring it out. Check it out. I'll keep you posted. Email a translation to me at .



Jorge B. has sent in this translation for the second article I posted concerning the Panama Canal.

Authorities of the Chanel investigate a Contractor's Death

- Ricardo Miñyaman

Chanel of Panamá, August 1st - Two officers of National Ward of Panamá, during a routine patrol, found the corpses of five civil engineers whom were studying a forest region south Gatun lock, as part of the project of expansion of the Chanel, that was planned to start at the end of the current month.

Officers Arsenio Núñez and Martín Guiza found the dead bodies yesterday morning at aproximately 8:30. From the eyes of each deceased dripped a black oily substance. Till now, the death causes are unknow.

Officer Núñez, whom was a Police Officer of Chanel's Zone before Panamá's Government took control of it in 1999, tell us local legends of the first attempts of the construction of the Chanel by the Frenchmen at the beginnings of 1880's decade "20,000 people died. 5,000 more when Americans came to build. Peasants say the chanel is cursed. They think the deaths are an advice sent by the spirits in order to stop the building of the third lock."

Marsh-fever was a common death cause in the area 100 years ago, but it wasn't a grave problem in the last decades. Petronila Álvarez M.D., boss of medical wardenship of the government of the chanel, has supported firmly that there isn´t any signals for these deaths being caused by marsh-fever or any other tropical disease.

Local peasants, who are yet concerned by [displacement and environmental] impact due to the building of the new lock, say that they are not very safe. "There are many weird things in the forest", related a peasant. "They are begging [fate] that bad things happen with this new lock. I'm afraid for my family."

At being asked, a voicer of the government of the chanel said, "we are analyzing every possible death cause and we'll send a report when we have more relative information."


Yamagato just posted a documentary about Takezo Kensei. I find this curious. They're a well funded organization, but why Kensei? You can check it out for yourself at



A reader from Central America emailed me this clipping. It's a story from the Panama Canal Zone. From what I can tell, it could be related to the earlier story. It sounds like someone... or something... is on a rampage in South America. I only hope whatever it is doesn't strike again. No witnesses appear to survive whatever it is that is happening. If someone can translate this, you can email it to me at .



Julián A. from Costa Rica sent me this translation to the article I posted last week. Not sure how much light it sheds on things. Read for yourself and let me know what you think.

Hi Wireless,

The translation goes as follows:

Martin Del Olmo

San José del Guaviare – All inhabitants from a small village located south of the Vaupes River were found dead by excursionists as they explored the mountainous areas of the Chiribiquete National Park. The excursionists –a couple hailing from the West of the U.S. – discovered the macabre scene and succinctly described it as "the work of the devil". The couple has preferred not to disclose personal information.

Taking a closer look at the scene, dozens more of corpses were found. All of which were found with a foil-like substance in their eyes.

"We spotted the village from the mountains. As we had no more water we decided to come down to re-supply ourselves." No life-signs were to be seen as they entered the village. It was as if life had stopped and the world had continued its course.

A medical team was dispatched to the village, but there have been no announcements regarding the cause of the tragedy, but there have been no announcements regarding the cause of the tragedy.

This area long believed to serve as a hide out for the Borja Cartel is known for its wealth in natural resources. Many of the native inhabitants suggest that the inhabitants of the village were often used as pawns in the struggle between the Borjas and a group of investors that have been trying to claim part of this remote region.

So far no survivors have been found.

Greetings from Central America,
Julián A.
San José, Costa Rica.



I picked up the following news story coming out of Central America. Something about it caught my attention. Maybe someone can help with an English translation that I can post on this blog.



If the brain is like a computer, can the software... the mind... be installed on a new machine when the body gives way and dies? What if that mind is already in harmony with the world's computer systems?

I don't fully understand what has happened, but somehow, in some way, I am still here... with you.



This page is getting on the long side. I decided to archive the older posts here. Don't worry. Everything is still available.



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