Important Messages:

Got Bennet's access code.  Call Prima16.  Enter: 42307 followed by the pound sign (#).  Let him know you are on to him.  Just don't blow it for us and tell him what we're up too.  I'll be listening and posting the best.

Text HANA to , I'll be listening.


Thanks for all your tips. Here's a few that I think are the most promising. I'm going to start following up on these, but I may need your help again so keep an eye out for anything suspicious. I don't really know where all this is going to lead. Who knows how deep the rabbit hole runs.


  • LISTEN HRG has an ally, a Haitian man, who is capable of erasing your memory. Be careful how deep you prod, especially if they are tracking you.
  • LISTEN I think Bennet is somehow connected to a crime boss in Vegas named Linderman but I'm not sure how. I'll contact you when I have more info.
  • LISTEN You need to take off the tinfoil hat and quit seeing conspiracy everywhere. Sometimes a paper factory is just a paper factory.
  • LISTEN Bennt is not your enemy. You must stop Sylar!
  • LISTEN. HRG answers to someone. They dont cause the mutations they just bag and tag. Find who HRG works for. How? Follow the money. Some one pays his bills.
  • Listen. I believe they are a privately funded organization seeking to build an army of special people.
  • Listen. I'm thinking religious extremists with a manufactured miracle in mind in order to convert the masses.
  • LISTEN    I believe he was tasked by some unknown influential party to study and track people with unique qualities like yourself. To what end is unknown.
  • LISTEN  Bennet is just a pawn.  The real question is who is the puppetmaster?
  • LISTEN Bennet runs a black ops arm of the government (cia?) tasked with military missions in foreign countries using enhanced people as his agents.
  • Listen  mr. Bennet aka horn-rimmed glasses guy, adopted father of claire, father of lyle, husband of sandra runs primatech. They hunt/study the gifted like you.
  • LISTEN Bennet is gatherin these ppl bc he knows somethin of the future & knows they are needed to help. Also u ppl could be dangerous not understandin ur powers
  • LISTEN I think that Bennet is jealous because his power is lame. So he's collecting people to gain their DNA to add to his own.
  • Listen- Last I knew, was still in the country. Keep on truckin', watch out for guys in baseball caps.
  • Listen Seek out Bennet's daughter Claire, in Odessa, Texas. She has powers and knows her father's plans. She will be a big help in stopping him.
  • LISTEN   i think they r quasi gov outfit. Maybe military related looking 4 super soldier.
  • Listen  he's a weasel. He's nothing more then a blind puppet working for someone else. He thinks what he is doing is just, but he's just paving the road to hell
  • Listen i think he may just be some civilian who is trying to make some sort of superarmy! Why else is he trying to find all you guys?
  • LISTEN At the very least I don't think they are government. Maybe a spawn from private research that funds itself with mercanary contracts?
  • LISTEN. Bennet has an incurable disease. After he was contacted by suresh, he now believes he can find a solution, using suresh's research & human lab rats.
  • LISTEN  Bennet seems to be far too knowledgeable to be on his own. Looks like Primatech is a front 4 US govt black ops looking to weaponize the special.
  • Listen  Best as i can figre primatech is the frnt for one of the many disavowed govt agncies. Deeper funding then the nsa or cia. Gotta run they are on to me
  • LISTEN  listen...that's the key... He's the good guy...we have to trust him. 
  • Listen. Bennet's not the top guy, but we can conclude that primatech was established to find 'heroes' and help them to ultimately help protect the world.
  • LISTEN. I think the gvmt was xprmenting w/ genetic mutations 2 make super soldiers & somehow it got n2 gen pop. Hrg guy is an agent trying 2 find all w/ abltys
  • Listen private grp, gov funded. Just as scared as our heroes. Looking for answers too. Whoever gets answers 1st decides the future.
  • Listen 2 your heart, when u need 2 borrow a power from your friends and it will always come 2 u.
  • Listen. I think there is a connection between primatech and the eclipse. They started the same year as a really rare eclipse where 8 celestial planets aligned

I’m in China.

Believe it or not, I am about to be launched into space. Really. I am not writing in metaphor. I’m not trying to be cute. I’m about to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s the only chance we’ve got to put an end to this. It’s the only chance we’ve got for freedom.

Linderman’s organization has two tracking systems…

One is called the Walker System -- HRG and Parkman are busy disabling it right now in New York City. Sadly, Ted Spague died on this mission. Another casualty in our war.

The second system is a satellite orbiting up in the heavens. Anyone who’s been “marked” -- anyone with the double-incision marks (like me) can be tracked 24 hours a day by this machine. So, I have to destroy it.

Like Linderman’s intranet in Vegas, I can’t crack this system unless I get close.

The Chinese have the next bird leaving planet Earth. That’s why I’m here. Who knew our little journey would lead to this?

No matter what happens to me up there, know your help has been invaluable to the cause. Know that this is all about to finally end. At least for now…

With you always,


When I broke into Linderman’s files in Vegas a few weeks ago, I came across the name Kaito Nakamura several times.

We should learn more about him.

I found this site: www.yamagatofellowship.org

Perhaps it contains a glimpse to what is next for all of us.


It's election day and I took the liberty of hacking Petrelli's website.  As you all know, I love chaos and I'm sure Nathan's campaign folk enjoy dealing with a heavy dose of that today.  It really doesn't pay to be a puppet -- needed to make sure the masses knew the truth before they hit the polls.  

I'm not sure we can stop the inevitable anymore but I am doing all that I can to help.  I'm off on the next mission.  A little more about that for those who dig deeper at votepetrelli.com

Till next time.



I just gotta a message from our old friend Bennet. It appears he, Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague are off on a new mission and they need my help...again.

H.R.G. says this is the one that’s gonna set us all free.

Can we all rewind to four months ago, please. Remember when I introduced you all to Sprague and Parkman? When we hacked into their Primatech files? I got those guys together to get us some answers -- to figure out why we were all marked. I led those guys to Bennet. Now it seems Bennet’s got them both working with him now…too.


After Parkman and Sprague broke into Bennet’s house, H.R.G. seemingly crossed over to our side. He had me break into the Pentagon. We learned about that slimeball out in Vegas -- his interest in this Petrelli puppet. With your help, we screwed Linderman’s plans to steal Petrelli the NY Congressional election. So yes, it led to something.


how can I really trust Bennet? He took me to the North Pole once. Almost killed me in the process. He sent me to Africa. Left me for dead there, too. Sent me into the Pentagon. Could have died there as well. Are these all tests? Am I just his puppy dog being asked to jump thru his hoops?

I think so.

I’m going to rendezvous with Parkman, Sprague and Bennet. Meeting them in a playground.

The irony. These children’s games.

I’m gonna go see what new trick Bennet has for me. Then I may stick a bullet in his head and put an end to all his games once and for all.

Stay tuned.


Looking for ways to get the word out that Petrelli is really a Linderman pawn. Send me a text ( LISTEN + your idea ) to or e-mail them to me. I'll be listening. We'll put the best ideas into effect.



I told you Brian wouldn't be able to fix his security leaks over the weekend. By working together, we have prevailed.

It looks like Brian's going to have to be the bearer of bad news, and Linderman is a man who has been known to kill a messenger or two.




We did it!

The logic bomb is toast. I don't envy Brian right now, but then again, you reap what you sow.

He's not a very good liar and Linderman is a smart man. I doubt that he bought what Brian tried to feed him. I wouldn't.

I also wouldn't worry too much about the weekend. There's no way Brian is going to get this fixed by Monday. Rest well and be satisfied at a job well done.

Thank you all. I'll be in touch soon.




For the past four days, you've helped put a stop to Linderman's plan to rig the New York Congressional election. But we can't rest on our laurels.

We need a big push today. Tell as many people as you can to help clean the false votes.

It's going to be fun to watch them squirm.





I can see the finish line. One more day to go. These people are on the run now -- watch the videos.

But we need a final push tomorrow to completely destroy their logic bomb once and for all.

Spread the word. I'll talk to you soon.




Thanks for bearing with me yesterday. I've managed to defeat Brian's new security provisions. Make sure to watch the video below. I think we're sending them into a real tailspin.

Spread the word to your friends and family and get cleaning. There's only today and tomorrow left to stop Linderman from fixing this election.





I'm still working on stripping back the new security. I think I've found a solution.

By tomorrow morning, you should be able to open the portal as before -- spread the word to whoever will listen.




PLEASE READ!! You may have trouble opening the portal today. Brian has added several new layers of security. I'm working on a way through them all.

If you can't get in, refresh this page and try again.

But whatever you do... keep trying! We can't let them get away with this.




You're all doing an amazing job.

Tell all your friends to join the cause when the third day of voting tests begins tomorrow morning.




Welcome to day two.

You all did a tremendous job yesterday, and we're off to a great start.

I've already pulled this morning's video conference stream and opened the portal. Kelly and Brian think they have us beat, but they're going to be in for a surprise today, aren't they?

Right now, you have everything you need to start cleaning today's votes, so I won't keep you.

But come back later. There should be additional videos at the end of today's test.




You've all been incredible today. We've really thrown Brian and Kelly into a tailspin. Make sure to look at the new video I posted and to come back tomorrow at 9am for day two of the voting tests.




If Linderman wants to rig an election to put Nathan Petrelli in office, it can’t be a good thing.

We need to stop them together.

With your help, I've opened a portal into Linderman's five-day voting test. Today is day one.

I need your assistance cleaning out the rigged votes in order to thwart Linderman's "logic bomb" - a program coded to put Petrelli in office without the New York Voting Authority becoming aware of it or the people of New York having their true votes matter.

Click the link below to open the portal. You will have 60 seconds to clean as many corrupted votes as you can before the portal closes. Any longer, and they’ll detect us.

Target and click all votes labeled "Candidate02" in order to wipe them from Linderman’s system.

I've also managed to tap into their video conference line. Check back throughout the day. I'll be posting anything I think you need to see and will send you an e-mail or text message when I’ve got breaking news on our progress.

Thanks for your help.




On Monday, the City of New York will begin a five-day test on their new computerized voting machines — one borough per day.

At the same time, Linderman's top computer programmers will be conducting a test of their own. They will be testing a program designed to rig the election without alerting the New York Voting Authority.

And that's where you come in. I need everyone here, each day, to reverse the manipulated votes in order to expose the flaws in their system and shut them down.

Tell everyone you know to help. You don't need to be technically gifted. I will open a portal and provide the tools needed to achieve our goals. Anyone can help make a difference for the future, from the very youngest among you to the very oldest.

So sleep well this weekend. Next week is going to be busy.


I'm pretty sure that this our man:


From what I can gather, he's Linderman's top engineer and the brains behind the new voting system. I think he may have buried information on his profile that can lead to one or more of the codes I need to access the backend of the voting tool so we can stop them from rigging the election.

I know that some of you haven't heard from me yet, but you will. Keep an eye out for me. I'm everywhere.


I risked everything to smuggle a snapshot of these Lonestar files out of the Pentagon. I posted them below because I think they may contain hidden information that leads to one of the codes to get inside the voting system.

Please don't spread these files widely - it could be dangerous.

And if you didn't receive an instruction from me, hang tight. I'm working on something that could blow this thing wide open. The rest of you will hear from me shortly.


Pay close attention. This is important. It may be the most important thing we ever do.

The Petrelli election is being rigged. Linderman owns the company that designed the new voting system purchased by the New York State Voting Authority. Linderman's top software engineers have created a "logic bomb" to tamper with the results, but I think one of them may have turned and hidden the log-in information on the web.

I was able to link to the backend of the voting system's remote interface. Below are the locks. We need to find the keys. But this is beyond hacking into a firewall - the codes are buried deep.

I'm investigating further and will be in touch tomorrow with information that should help us get inside and put a stop to Linderman's plans.

We're about to have some fun. Be ready for directions on 4.09.


Intercepted a work order to de-activate Bennet’s voicemail account. Wanted to check his messages one last time for any indication that he was taking me (and you) for a ride. Didn’t find anything of the sort. I think he really is trying to help.

Seems like some of you do too.

Here are a few of the highlights I was able to snag before “The Company” pulls the proverbial plug.


As some of you may know by now, things didn't go exactly as planned when Ted and Matt "met" Bennet. I didn't want things to get that destructive. I just want answers.

Well, it looks like HRG was in a forgiving kind of mood (let's hope). He sent me this e-mail shortly after Ted went nuclear on his suburban Odessa home...

"Parkman and Sprague found me. I know you helped them. I'm changing sides, Hana. I need your help to shut it all down. This file should put you on the right path: SEA:V5J1K2/P/L"

Whether he is setting a trap for me or just wants to exploit the skills he helped me develop, the phrase "shut it all down" is just too enticing for me not to pursue the documents associated with this file number. Will update you when I know more.


Mohinder Suresh is doing some interesting research and carrying on his father's work. Chandra Suresh may have known a lot. It's worth a look. You might learn something that can help the cause or contribute something that might help his: www.activatingevolution.org.


I managed to hack into an Internet stream a couple weeks back. One of my contacts grabbed a few screen shots of it before their security shut me out. You can look at them here.


I think I've found a way to talk to you. click HERE before 9 pm tonight.


I tapped into Bennet's voicemail. Some sound like they came from all of you. Some give us a clearer picture of who this guy really is. Seems he has a daughter. Sounds like she may have an ability too....


Seen this yet? Found some more schematics to this device. Take a look. They use this to shoot us up with radioactive isotopes. It's at least half the equation for how they track us.


You guys catching on and catching up? Here's the deal: one more case file to this growing puzzle. It's C3002. Matt Parkman. Cop who lives in LA. He can read minds. Can't find a more useful tool than that if you seek to extract answers.

If you didn't get my message, then you didn't enter your 411 at primatechpaper.com. Stop procrastinating. I can't do this on my own.

Once you have signed up, here’s what you do next...

Go to Primatechpaper.com, find the helix on the "About Us" page. Click.

Then enter...

Username: bennet
Password: claire

Click on profile C3002.

username: bennet
Password: MPggtn75x

Read up on our future friend, Matt. He could help us cut through the lies of the word and get to straight to the truth of the thought.

I think he can get us the answers we need.

I'm going to bring Matt and Ted together. I found out where HRG lives. We are going to go pay him a visit.


Did you get my new message? Have you plugged in the new code yet? Same drill with the helix on primatechpaper.com's "About Us" page.


username: bennet
password: claire


Click on file C3003 and type in:

Username: bennet
Password: TSntz14b

Get to know Ted. He’s important. I already met him. If you’ve read his file, you know he can go nuclear. Who knows what he could incinerate?

He’s not a bad guy, though. He thinks these Primatech folks caused his condition. His ability killed his wife. He wants answers and vengeance as much as I do. Who can blame him?

He’s figuring out more about the pneumatic needle now.

He’s gonna be useful. I have a plan and he’s going to be part of it. But we need one more.

If you haven’t already gone to Primatechpaper.com and filled out their employment application, do so soon. It kills two birds with one stone. You can read about their front and enter in your contact info. It’ll help me keep you up to date on the plans.

That’s it for now.


I could use your help. If you haven't already done so, go to Primatechpaper.com, fill out an application now and then come back here and follow my trail.

OK, ready? Now go to:

Primatech Paper's "About Us" page. Scroll over the "P" in their logo. Find the helix? Good. Click on it.

Once prompted enter…

Username: bennet
Password: claire

This will bring you to an Assignment Tracker titled subfolder Group C3. These are a guy named Bennet's files.

I believe this "paper company" employee is someone I formally only knew as "the man in the horn-rimmed glasses". He trained me, tested me, and led me to believe he was part of America's CIA. Then he sent me to Africa (Tanzania) and hung me out to dry.

Why? Don't know. That's part of why we're here. I'm looking for some help. I'm looking for some answers.

Before I go further…I digress…

I have a special ability. If it's digital information, I can see it, hear it, navigate it, and manipulate it. I don't need to plug into a desktop of a PDA to do so either. It all just comes to me.

Don't ask me how. It's one of the answers I'm seeking. This Bennet guy may have given me this ability. Injected it into me. Built me this way. Made it "manifest". Maybe it was always in me. Not sure. He also seems to be tracking me.

Want some proof?

I traced a package to that Primatech Paper Company. It was for a pneumatic isotope injector. Please tell me why a paper company needs that?

I think he's either finding or building more people like me. Sending us on missions and poking and prodding us for who knows what.

Want more proof? Check out my file – C3001

Username: bennet
Password: HGghx11a

Don't mind my psych report, you can't trust those doctors. What do they know about how I communicate my emotions?!

Anyway, I left a clue buried in my profile. It's the password to get into file C3004. If you found it already, then you're the type of person who's help I could use.

For those of you who use(d) Cliff's notes for book reports…

Username: bennet
pswrd: GGeh81zu

This is Gabriel Gray. If you read the papers, you may know him as "Sylar". If you read his file, you'll soon learn he can't be trusted.

He has unhealthy compulsions and is dangerous to my cause. I think he's killing other people who have "special" abilities like mine.

Right now I'm all about finding more people who can help and building a team around Gray is definitely not a good place to begin.

That's it for now. Searching for more. Will keep you posted.

If you have any leads or ideas about who this Primatech Paper Company or HRG guy really are, send a text.

I'll be listening.


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